Blacklisting/Debarring of product Inj. Compound Sodium Lacate 500ml (Ringer lactate) manufactured by M/S Pharma Impex Laboratories(P) Ltd
Blacklisting/Debarring of product Inj. Enoxaparin Sodium 60 mg /0.6ml manufactured by M/S Samarth Life Science (P) Ltd
Debarring/Blacklisting of products Iron Folic Acid Syrup I.P50ml bottle drug code(130A) manufactured by M/s Zenith Drugs Supplied by M/s 3 v Shopee ,New Delhi
Debarring/Blacklisting of products viz.Inj.Heparin Sodium 5000IU/5ml Drug code (373) manufactured by M/s Celon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. supplied by M/s Vikrant Life Sciences(P) Ltd,Delhi.
Blacklisting/Debarring of product manufactured by M/S Rhydburg Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Debarring/Blacklisting of M/s International Institute of Professional studies, Khanyar, srinagar.
Debarring Blacklisting of product manufacture by M/s Jackson Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Blacklisting/Debarring of product manufacture by M/s ANG Life Sciences India Ltd.
Corrigendum Order No. 127 of 2018 Dated:- 25.01.2018.
Debarring/Blacklisting Of Firms On The Basis Of Non Execution Of Supply Order-Revoke Of Previous Order Thereof.
Debarring/Blacklisting-withdrawal of M/S Suture India Pvt. Ltd from the order thereof.
Debaring/Blacklisting Order No. 74 of 2017 Dated:06-01-2017